Offering vintage and contemporary sewing, knitting and crochet patterns since 2000.  

 Under NEW Management!  

Announcing a change in ownership effetive Fall 2014.  


We're CEMETARIAN otherwise known as Rita and Darrell Holcomb. After 14 years we are retiring and are happy to announce a positive change in Cemetarian.  

You can expect a continuation in the service you have experienced for so long as well as new merchandise and a bright future.  

The new owner is Cheryl Melnick of Vintage Clothing Dreams, an antique and textile collector for 30+ years.  She has been an eBay seller for 18+ years and strives for satisfied customers worldwide.  She has customers in 62 countries and counting.

Currently, there are approximately 3000 patterns listed on Cemetarian.  There are at least 3000 more patterns to add, and I strive to add patterns daily.

Please rememeber to click back to after you purchase your pattern in order to generate your receipt!

You're always welcome here at CEMETARIAN and your business is appreciated.



Please Read These Dreary Details, Carefully!!!


  • Payment is expected within 2 days. After 2 days of no payment or no response we will relist the item.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
  • Our Vintage items are "ESTATE SALE" finds and are sold "AS IS" with No-Refunds and No Returns. 


Vintage items have lived a life prior to coming into our home and your life.



As a seller, we can not always give you its entire Life History.  Therefore, we offer you the following points to consider when purchasing vintage items that are made of paper, fabric or other absorbent materials.

 These items:

  • May have been in previous smoking environments

  • May have been in households with pets

  • May have a musty odor due to its storage

We make every attempt to ensure your vintage item is free from odors at the time of shipping.  However, it has been shown that undetected odors sometime revive during shipping.  This is due to the item being packaged in a confined space (box, envelope, padding, etc.)

We recommend these tips to restore freshness to your item.

  • Hang or place on a wire rack outside in a dry, shaded location for a few days.

  • Place in a paper bag with newspaper for several days.  The newspaper will absorb many unpleasant odors.  Change newspaper frequently.

  • If the item is fiber, take it to a reputable dry cleaner.  Dry cleaning should remove any smells if you request it to be deodorized.

We do our best to provide you with 5 Star Service by giving accurate information, multiple clear photos and other relevant information on each item. However we do occasionally miss something, so if you have specific concerns, please ask prior to buying. 


If you are allergic or sensitive to odors, dust or dander this might not be the item for you.




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